National Mental Health Awareness week is coming!

In honor of the upcoming National Mental Health Awareness week, I'll be focusing my blog post on the build-out of a new SAMHSA records portal powered by Content Manager.  There are no requirements and I'm not doing this for monetary gain, so I have free reign to do whatever I want!  I want to build something that both demonstrates the flexibility of Content Manager whilst also providing functionality not yet available to the public.

My home state of Florida has what we colloquially call the Sunshine Law.  This law requires all public records to be made available to citizens.  It, unfortunately, isn't so easy to actually find these records though.  Let's see if we can make it easier.

My goal is to re-create this:


This is a site run by the federal government, so it naturally doesn't have any records from my home state.  What I'd like to do though is to gather as many public records as I can for each facility.  Hopefully to include: applications, financials, complaints, and news articles.  I envision clicking on a facility and seeing all of the records I can find out in the wild.  If I can code it to have a public records request submitted for the facility, even better.

Upcoming topics include:

  • Designing a dataset -- what should I create to support the end-result? 
  • Importing from Spreadsheets -- how do I take this list of facilities and create a structure?
  • Culling google news -- what's involved with dynamically searching google news for a given facility and automatically saving articles into CM?
  • Exposing a map in Webdrawer -- how can I achieve the above image within Webdrawer?
  • Finding Complaints -- these aren't available without a public records request, so I need to build something to automate the submission of a request per facility... and then how to import those into my instance

There's so much more that can be done, but I feel this is a good topic for learning and development.  Stay tuned!