Playing games with other people's records

So I saw a video over at which highlighted how the City of Portland has a map view of some of their historical records.  With all the map fun I've been having the past few posts, I wondered what I could cobble together by turning my sights to their website.  I came up with a rather simple game...


If you click start, the page will load some image meta-data into memory from the City's electronic archives.  One will be selected at random and displayed on the screen.  Three maps appear.  You must select the one map corresponding with the image.   The other two maps come from other records in the archive.  After you select the map your answer is tracked and a new image is shown (and three new maps).  When the game is over your accuracy is reported.


I didn't do so well.  Maybe having it open in street view would be better.


Now that's a bit more interesting!  

[EDIT] Unfortunately I had to remove the link as I can't figure out how to get squarespace to host the single html file.