PostgresSQL in GCP

If you're like me and are moving to the GCP stack, you'll find you have a few extra steps to undertake when preparing your infrastructure. 

First, you'll have to manually install the PostgresSQL ODBC drivers on your VM instance.  You can download them from the PostgresSQL website, locate here:

Second, you create your PostgresSQL instance within your GCP project.  This was super simple.... click, click, click, done.


Next I secured access between my PostgresSQL instance and the VM instance.  After that, it is necessary to create a schema for your Content Manager database.  Content Manager will throw up on the screen if you don't have one already prepared.  

To resolve the issue you'll need to manually create your schema within the database.  I did this via the gcloud shell, but you could do this locally from your gcloud SDK (or any database management tool capable of managing a PostgresSQL instance).


Only draw-back to this cloud instance of PostgresSQL is there is no GIS support...


Now that my Content Manager instance is fully in the cloud I can leverage all of the really cool features of the GCP stack!