Kicking off a workflow from an online form submission

I should be drinking the kool-aid, right?  Meaning, I should be using the features of the product suite to my advantage.  I started to go down the route of trying to figure out how to effectively track when someone "Requests More Information" from my website.  I surely don't want to use 4 different products to manage that process.  Why can't I take the form submission from squarespace and have it kick-off a workflow within Content Manager?  

Once my email link server was configured it took all of about 5 minutes to get this setup.

Here's the workflow I want to kick-off....


First I went into squarespace and created a submission form.  It sends me an email with the contents of the form.  That email looks like the image below.


Next I went into Content Manager and created myself a new check-in style.  I'm doing this via the webclient, but the process is the same for the thick client.  




I then gave the check-in style a name and chose my "Request for Information" record type.  


Then I gave it a default workflow template for my process


I then clicked into the processing section and checked the first two check boxes: Automatically create server-side email capture folders and Keep email in the mail system.  By keeping it in there I'm hoping my conversations can be automatically related and captured down the road.


Now after I click save, it shows me my new check-in style


If I go back to my gmail inbox I can now see this folder available


Next I create a new filter for my inbox, so that all incoming form submissions are automatically labeled into this folder.


I know the sender and receiver of the messages I care about, so I define those on the filter like shown below.


In the other options dialog I indicate the new label name and then click save


Now I go visit my website and complete the form...


Now if I check my workflows worklist, I can see my workflow has been kicked-off & assigned automatically!


The things we can accomplish with the newest versions are pretty cool.  I can see lots of useful ways to leverage these features.  Keep in mind that once the form data is within Content Manager, I can apply scripts, code, and add-ons to do anything necessary (like harvest the form data, initiate an integration, etc).

The integration with gmail is secure.  It works.  And it's free (if you have both G Suite and Content Manager).  You just need to configure it.  :)